WARNING: If you are an experienced hiker, with the right equipment, stamina and a head for heights, this trail and its risks will be difficult. Portions of this trail are rated T5 for a reason - they are very dangerous, and require a high level of experience and skill. It is certainly not for everyone, and if you have any doubts about your ability to deal with the risks of high vertical exposure on both sides while hiking a narrow path, do not attempt it. This trek is only possible during the late spring, summer and early autumn seasons. Most of the peaks along the trail — including Suggiture and Augstmatthorn — and many difficult and steep sections remain in shadow through autumn, winter and spring and are snow or ice covered from November until the end of May making them extremely dangerous or impassable. Please also note that the relatively 'easy' peaks of Suggiture and Augstmatthorn are very dangerous in early Spring and Late Autumn. If any snow is visible on the trails along the way to these peaks, there will be snow on the peaks, and that makes certain sections extremly difficult and dangerous. Many people think as the weather warms in the valley, a wander up to these mountains will be easy. It is not. Pay attention to the weather forecasts, check webcams in Habkern and at Brienzer Rothorn and watch for high winds in the forecast.

A Protected Area At Risk.

From Hardergrat (Suggiture and Augstmatthorn) just above Harder Kulm, to Riedergrat (Blasenhubel, Gummhoren and Schnierenhireli - above Niederried and Oberried am Brienzersee) to Brienzergrat (Ällgäulücke and Tannhorn) above Brienz, this beautiful ridge is a federally protected area for wildlife. There is NO CAMPING and NO DRONE FLYING allowed anywhere along the route. From Harder Kulm to Ällgäulücke the ridge and all peaks are a designated nature conservation area and protected area for Steinbock. From Ällgäulücke to Brienzer Rothorn forms the edge of the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere where again, no camping or bivouacking is allowed. Drone flying of any kind is prohibited along the entire ridge. Mountain bikes or vehicles of any kind are prohibited from the ridge and trails leading to and from the ridge because those trails are also in the federally protected wildlife area. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times in the protected area.

Almost every weekend I encounter people carrying full camping gear, I find camp fires, drone flyers and even bicyclists on the approach trails. All this is prohibited in the protected area which ranges all along the ridge from Roteflue to Chruterepass. Recently, in early spring, I saw at least half a dozen illegal campers and I can’t bring myself to even look at all the drone flyers recently posting lately on Instagram. The fact is, I even struggle with posting my own information posts because I worry about attracting more problems to the ridge. I take thousands of pictures along the Brienzergrat to Hardergrat ridge every year, but I hardly post any except those that remind of the problems faced up here. It is sickening and disheartening that the wildlife have to deal with these problems, and the problems will get worse without the involvement of local communities.

The Swiss Rangers and the Game Warden patrol the area as often as they can, fining rule breakers and removing them from the mountain, but they need our support. The individuals and groups who come up to the ridge to break the rules need to be constantly reminded by everyone on the mountain that their activity is illegal. If you see campers, free tenters, camp fires, drone flyers, bicyclists or people walking their dogs off line up here, tell them their activity is illegal and please report it, take a photo and report it to @bernerwanderwege.ch and the Swiss Rangers. Tag @bernerzeitung.ch, @schweizeralpenclub, and anyone you think needs to know about this. Report it to the local communities of Habkern, Ringgenberg, Niederried, Oberried am Brienzersee and Brienz.

We have to make a stand and stop this selfish, dangerous behaviour before this place is ruined for everyone. We have to get help at the Federal and local community level to discourage this behaviour. I don’t know how to do that, but perhaps if we — hikers who care about this place — are as annoying and persistent as those breaking the rules, maybe someone will take notice and help us return this place to the sanctuary it is supposed to be.

Friends of The Ridge

Friends of the Ridge is a volunteer community group dedicated to helping preserve this beautiful place for the wildlife that live here. Our goal is simple: to increase awareness about the rules that protect this area by providing information online and in print in locations near or leading to the ridge. Why are we doing this? Because there is a problem on the ridge, primarily at the Suggiture and Augstmatthorn end of the trail but it affects the entire ridge. The problem is growing numbers of hikers camping illegally and flying drones illegally and bicycling on trails in the Federally Protected Area for wildlife. In regular patrols during the summer season, local rangers have found dozens of campers and drone flyers up there despite new signage. It is affecting the behaviour of the wildlife and it has the potential to cause increasing problems if not addressed.

We are providing information on the rules to remind people, not just those intent on prohibited activities, but those of us who try to point out to the rulebreakers that their activities are not allowed. We provide information sheets, stickers, postcards, t-shirts, posters - whatever we can afford to produce in order to help spread the word and try to encourage people to respect this beautiful area and follow the rules.

Our first activity is providing information posters, flyers and sticker sets in multiple languages to the restaurants and retailers at locations that feed the hiking routes. These include Harder Kulm, Restaurant Jägerstübli Lombachalp, Habkern, Interlaken, Ringgenberg, Niederried and Oberried am Brienzersee communities as well as Brienzer Rothorn Kulm, Sorenberg-Schonenboden and Kemmeriboden-Bad.

If you would like to help, or receive some posters, flyers, stickers, Friends of The Ridge Pin, postcards and more, please email. Thank you!
Andy Davies

Eidgenössiches Jagdbanngebiet. Im Wildtierschutzgebiet sind per Gesetz folgende Regeln einzuhalten:

Réserve faunique fédérale. Dans cette réserve faunique, les règles suivantes doivent être respectées par la loi :

  • Le camping et le bivouac sont interdits
  • L'exploitation de drones est interdite
  • Il est interdit de rouler hors route et d'utiliser des vélos de montagne sur ces sentiers de randonnée
  • Les chiens doivent être tenus en laisse
  • Les décollages et atterrissages de deltaplane et de deltaplane sont interdits
  • Les animaux ne doivent pas être dérangés, chassés ou attirés hors de la réserve faunique
  • Les activités de sports d'hiver en dehors des pistes et itinéraires balisés sont interdites.

  • Federal Wildlife Reserve. In this wildlife reserve, the following rules must be observed by law:

    Map 1: No camping zone, Hardergrat, Riedergrat and Brienzergrat:

    Map 2: Drone no-fly zone, Hardergrat, Riedergrat and Brienzergrat:
    Note: In the case of overlapping restricted areas, the more restrictive rules apply.